AVARC - Antelope Valley Amateur Radio Club
T-Hunt Rules, Dates, and Location Page.

Welcome to AVARC's T-hunt division

Everybody is welcome to join us and have a good time. You don't have to be a licensed HAM operator to participate. Simply find a VHF receiver that has the smoke contained and you have the basics to at least get started.

If you miss this one this Saturday, that's OK. Every third Saturday of each month we have another T-Hunt.

Where do we meet? The ARCO station on Avenue M and Sierra Hwy. Lancaster, California. Hwy 14. It's real easy. From Hwy 14, get off at AVE M, go East one mile and you will see the ARCO station on the right.

When do we start? At 12:30 PM we converge at the ARCO station while the transmitter is already in the process of being hid. At the ARCO station we chat a little, get newcomers situated comfortably, and test the T-hunt signal to make sure we can hear the signal at the starting line.

Talk-in Frequency 146.73 Mhz with a PL of 100 hertz. Ask for anybody going to the T-Hunt or call for me Phil W6WBT. Someone will be glad to help.

Pizza Anyone After every T-Hunt there is a food frenzy and the nearest pizza joint is targeted. Everyone is welcome, bring the wife, kids, room mates, whatever. While enjoying good pizza and good toppings we generally discuss each of our war stories and compare who had the best time finding the bad ole fox.

Rules for the T-hunt If you have a question about them, ask me..

E-Mail Phil Dolber (W6WBT)<dolber@hughes.net>

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