Hidden Transmitter Hunt

Rules and Definitions:

Hidden Transmitter: Any device capable of transmitting on modes and frequencies used by those who are attempting to locate said device. For the purposes of AVARC t-hunt events the mode will be VHF FM, as close as practicable to 146.565 MHz. Transmitter power must not exceed 50 watts PEP and transmissions should occur at least once each minute for a minimum of 15 seconds.

Hidden Transmitter Location: Any point within a fixed circle scribed by a radius of 500 feet that is accessible to the general public. At least one point within the location must be accessible by 2 wheel drive passenger sedans with legal highway road clearance. The station providing the hidden transmitter must be capable of simplexing from the hidden transmitter location to stations at the designated starting point.

Designated Starting Point and Time: Any location and time mutually agreed upon by participating stations. This will normally be the Arco gas Station located at Ave. M and Sierra Hwy 1245 hours local time.

Scoring: The station with the least number of accrued points wins the contest. One point will be assessed for every 1/10th of a mile accrued in finding the hidden transmitter. In addition one point will be assessed for each minute, or major fraction thereof, accrued beginning at the designated starting time until the hidden transmitter is located. Exception! The starting time of the station, at the designated starting point, charged with the responsibility of recording starting mileage may be adjusted if that station elects to remain behind to accommodate a late participant.

Responsibilities: The station providing the hidden transmitter is responsible for the selection of the hidden transmitter location and the operation of the site. The site should be at a reasonable location and distance from the starting point to allow all participating stations the opportunity to complete the hunt. In addition, the hiding station has the responsibility of recording the time that each participating station arrives at the location and has positively identified the hidden transmitter..

Selections: All stations are encouraged to volunteer to provide the hidden transmitter for the following month's t-hunt. If no station volunteers, then any station participating in the current t-hunt, including the winner, may be asked to provide the hidden transmitter. This selection will be made, at the conclusion of the hunt, by any game of chance of the winners choosing, such as dice, coin toss, short straw, etc. No station will be required to provide the hidden transmitter two consecutive months at a time unless volunteering to do so. If the selected station is unable to provide the hidden transmitter, that station is responsible for securing a back up.

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